About Sick Resin

A picture of Megan in her favorite sweater

The Sick Resin Story

My name is Megan Klenke and I am the creator and artist behind Sick Resin. 

I started making resin art when I was searching for a new creative outlet. I am chronically ill and disabled, and have been for over 9 years now. I quickly fell in love with the process of creating with resin, and found it to be tolerable with my limitations.

Initially, when I saw there was demand for my art, I began selling resin bookmarks in an attempt to raise some money for my program, Chronic Readers Club.

Chronic Readers Club is a program that sends out care packages containing books and other small goodies to chronically ill and disabled people across the United States. I've been running the program since April of 2018, and have sent out nearly 100 packages since then! 

But it's been difficult to keep funding the program as I struggle with my own health problems. So resin is not only an amazing creative outlet for me, but it's also a way to provide a more sustainable income for Chronic Readers Club and myself!

Since I began sharing my art, I've been incredibly inspired by all the talented artists I've met and all the support I've received, and I've been able to branch out from resin alone, to embroidery, and then to clay, and to combinations of all these mediums. So now, although still called Sick Resin, you'll find a variety of creations available!

Thank you for supporting my creativity and my dreams! You mean the world to me!